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  • Susana Vidal

Our Community Project: Learning Through Play

While the government of Mozambique has recognized the importance of early childhood development, the ability to finance is very limited due to still prevailing budget constraints. Instead, the Government relies on partners from civil society and private sector to fill the gap.

Bahia Mar in support of this noble idea is helping the cause by supporting a community pre-school that serves around 70, 3 to 5 year old children from very poor families in the 5º Congresso neighborhood – which is located 6 km from the hotel.

The start of the Bonguili Project (April, 2015)

A project implemented by CARE International some years ago, built playground facilities and installed a water pump at the pre-school. Facing the end of CARE’s support due to the moving of this organization to Maxixe (300 km South of Vilankulo), the school was fearful to run on its own after several years of external funding.

Due to the low monetary capability of the parents we thought that in a short period of time the school would lose quality and teachers will end up leaving their positions. With this in mind, Bahia Mar started to build links with the school as well as the District Department of Gender, Children and Social Action (the body responsible for pre-schools) to offer support.

How to start helping....

Supported actions were planned to be done in two different ways:

1. Likely support directly from Bahia Mar includes:

- Payment of a retainer fee to an external consultant to make sure all measurements are put into place including management of the donations and supervision,

- Payment for teacher's training.

2. Campaigns of awareness and request of donations directly to the guests of Bahia Mar is intended to: - Provide materials for the "learn through play" lessons at the school and other pedagogic needs. - Improve the general infra-structures and facilities such as the playground, store room and kitchen facilities.

For this fundraising, Bahia Mar's plans include an option of donating a small fee during the booking process.

The children love it when our guests visit, as many have done and you are most welcome to do so too. Please make arrangements with reception.

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