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Wellness & Detox Retreats

Our detox retreats enhance your body’s natural detoxification system.

It is designed to recharge your natural immune system, cleanse your body’s internal organs and renew skin and cells. It’s the ideal way to kick-start your system for a more active, healthier life.

Your retreat

The detox retreat begins with ridding the body of toxins using a combination of natural juices , healthy meals, various spa treatments and a holistic exercise schedule to cleanse, nourish and revitalise the body inside and out. Pure aromatherapy uses our unique range of lipo-soluble essential oils which penetrate deep into the skin. Body exfoliation, wraps, massages and hydro-therapy stimulate cells and nourish the skin while reflexology both restores the body’s natural balance and relaxes. Finally, yoga and meditation help to strengthen the body's core and still the mind. Rest days are incorporated for you to take time to visit the stunning Bazaruto Archipalao or enjoy one of the many activities on offer. Or, simply laze by the pool with a good book!

Start your holiday today!

Want to know more? We are here to answer all your questions and help you book your perfect retreat or holiday. 

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